Meet Fatima Georges

Meet Fatima Georges





Welcome to my online store, my name is Fatima Georges I was born and raised in Haiti. Since I was a little girl, I was always passionate about the beauty industry, whether it’s doing my own hair, the hair of some of my neighbors, doing my nails, or dressing up. It always feels like therapy for me to make people look better. I have a big heart; I’ve always tried to help someone in need.

Who can tell us what the perfect mixture is for success? What’s the best educational path to take? Is it better to take a traditional route or pay your dues and learn through a building experience?

 When is the right time to throw yourself into the one thing you want the most for yourself? That one thing that you feel you’ve been working on most of your life to achieve?

 I wouldn’t say I created success through a traditional route or that my mixture would work for everyone. But I’ve learned and I’ve risen above many obstacles that have come my way. With the right resources, most things in life need time and dedication. One of my biggest obstacles was being testing positive for Covid-19 twice and having to regain my health as well as build my business in the same process.

 The first step was to find my passion which has always been hair and fashion. I always loved the process of transformation and harnessing inner confidence. I love feeling confident and expressing that through the clothes I wear. In that passion, I love helping other women find their spark and use style as a way to express that part of themselves.

 While I’ve been in the industry for 10 years as a salon and boutique owner, Fatima’s Boutique was a jump I wasn’t always sure I was able to take until our most recent Covid-19 pandemic. I first tested positive in March of 2020, right at the beginning when we all were given so little information about the extent of what we were dealing with as not only a country but the whole world.

 It wasn’t anything that any of us saw within our lifetimes so we had nothing to compare, no real plan of action, and not enough answers. It took a great amount of effort to get myself back to a healthy place. To achieve the physical and mental strength I am at today, I had to dedicate my time to living in a healthy way from what I act to how I interact with my body.

 This past year has been a great amount of confusion, loss, and learning new ways to build community. As someone who experienced Covid-19 twice, I was put in an almost year-long situation that was like being in a pressure cooker, yet I came out hard as a diamond.

 As a mother of 4 amazing children, there was still so much to juggle in the past year, which I know so many other mothers understand first-hand. It was easy to lose a sense of self in the year 2020, but it’s never too late to gain it back.

 One of the scariest things about Covid-19, experiencing testing positive twice, and trying to run as well as trying to run a salon and boutique, was that I had to sit with what I truly wanted to build in this world. But what I truly wanted seemed very impossible to build.

 Fatima’s Boutique almost didn’t happen. With so many things that 2020 seemed to throw at not only myself but so many others, introducing Fatima’s Boutique seemed like a project that would never reach the hands of so many women that I’ve connected with throughout my career.

 We all recognize what we get to bring into this world; what our special gift can be for the community around us. I’ve always loved helping other women find the perfect outfits and hairstyle to really bring their spirit out, especially women who are over 40 and still have so much energy to give out.

 I love helping women find that style that speaks to them and working on ways to promote that energy going forward. It’s normal to lose that spark within yourself that reminds you why you’re so unique and amazing in your own right. But there are ways to jump right back into that headspace of self-love.

 Your style very much speaks to who you are and how you want to present yourself in the world. There’s nothing wrong with feeling’ yourself and recognizing that you want to wear clothes that allow you to feel confident. The thing is, oftentimes people feel like there is a limit to the beauty they can achieve while shopping for themselves.

 I’ve learned that one of my favorite things in life is helping other women find that confidence and recognize that beauty has no limits! In fact, the world itself is limitless.

 Covid-19 and the pandemic showed me that experience first-hand. It showed me how in the most difficult of circumstances, I can still regenerate and rebuild despite all odds. The thing I wanted the most, along with regaining my health and the safety of my family was Fatima’s Boutique being able to make its mark and change the lives of other women.

 Finally, things are opening up and there seem to be real answers and real results on what a better future can look like for all of us. We are slowly rebuilding our communities back to where they were before and enhancing things that need to change for the better. With that comes the importance of taking time to care for ourselves. It starts with caring for your internal body in the proper way to ensure that you first and foremost feel good within yourself.

 It’s then important to spend time focusing on your mental and spiritual health which connects to ensure that you express yourself authentically. Fashion has always been a great tool for self-expression. With Fatima’s Boutique and Beauty Bar look to offer is a place for women to reconnect with themselves and recognize their beauty.

 A global pandemic wasn’t able to stop me from getting healthy, protecting my family, or opening my dream business. Through my drive and desire to bring my skills to women who deserve to recognize their true beauty and power I fought to make Fatima’s Boutique and Beauty Bar a reality.

I am confident that together we can empower each other to know our true value. To be able to know that we are enough and we can do anything our mind desire once we work hard enough for it.


Fatima Georges

Owner of Fatima’s Boutique & Beauty Bar










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Congratulations !
Your story is simply amazing, inspiring, and humble. Made me cry of happiness, warmed up my heart, and most importantly it gave me hope, inspiration and the motivation to keep going and keep working hard for my own dream.

Great pieces of clothing, will definitely place an order.

God bless!


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