How we are doing a year later.

How we are doing a year later.

It is hard to believe that last year around this time I was so scared to take that leap of faith. I wanted to take a break from my full-time job at the post office and be home with my children. The Coronavirus was taking a toll on my family and my life, just like most people in this country. I remember being in the heat delivering mail thinking to myself “Fatima what are doing with your life, this is not your calling” Still I was so afraid of the uncertainties that I could not make the necessary moves.  

In October,2020 I wrote my managers a letter to ask them to take Covid leave, unfortunately, they did not approve me to do so. I took the leave anyway; I knew at that point in time I did not care anymore of the outcome with them. I went through so much heartache and disappointment working for this company. But I know now that when things do not work out it is God telling me “Baby girl of mine you are going the wrong way, change your direction or adjust” 

Now I realize God had to make me uncomfortable to finally move my wings. I have learned that in life you need to be affirmative with your decisions. As a new business owner, it has been a year full of excitement, learning, lessons and most importantly I was living proof that God will never let me fail and he had my back as promised. I was no longer worried about how I was going to handle the next bill because I trusted my God. I am not there yet, but I know my time will come and my customers will find me and together we will continue to make magic happen. 

Fatima’s Boutique & Beauty Bar has always been a dream of mine from the time I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to make people beautiful. Today I can honestly say that I am proud that I did not give up on my plans and I am thankful to still be alive after surviving Covid-19 twice. I will continue to work on making the best version of myself. Stay with me on my journey to encourage me and to grow with me, feel free to send me your stories and how you were able to overcome last year having to deal with all these uncertainties.  


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